The Complete History of Animated Movies Nominated for Best Picture

Viewers were enthralled in 2017 when YouTuber #TheHollyHobs released a magical video entitled Disney's Hannibal. The mashup features the song "Be Our Guest" and clips from the sinister NBC series, "Hannibal." However, that wasn't the unlikely duo's first dance. Way...

Being Unstoppable: What Are the Best Foods to Eat for Energy?

What are the best foods to eat for energy? That cupcake or frappuccino might be tempting, but you know better than that. An energy boost based on sugar alone will lead to a crash that feels worse than low energy.   And this can make you unable to perform well at...

This 13-Year-Old has been Nominated for a Global Peace Prize

They say that children are the future. And, looking at Autumn Peltier, the future is in good hands. This thirteen-year-old First Nations girl has been nominated for the International Children's Peace Prize, for her work toward water protection. And it's not her first...

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