Welcome! Here at FabWeb, our goal is to bring you some extra fun, joy, and happiness... Along with lots of inspiring stories and interesting news!

Welcome to FabWeb: For Amazing Stories That’ll Make Your Day!

Have you ever looked at your newsfeed and wondered why we never seem to see enough good news? Here at FabWeb, our goal is to bring you some extra fun, joy, and happiness… Along with lots of great stories and interesting news!

We scour the web to find stories that’ll entertain, inspire you, and pique your curiosity. The stories we post on FabWeb are meant to bring out the best in human nature and appeal to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

What You’ll Find on FabWeb

  • New: Our team here at FabWeb is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest stories from all over.
  • Funny:  Laughing is good for the soul. Start your day right with our funny photos, videos, memes, commentary, and more.
  • CuriousA selection of strange facts and mysteries from science, history, and current events to pique your curiosity.
  • Entertainment: The latest news from the world of entertainment with your favorite shows, movies, celebrities, and more.
  • InspiringStories that’ll warm your heart, inspire you, and restore your faith in humanity.
  • NatureFabweb’s growing collection of the most amazing places, plants, and creatures on earth.
  • Useful: Lots of helpful tips and hints, along with incredible gadgets and gizmos you can’t do without.

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Do you have a story you’d like to share with the world? Perhaps you saw something amazing on the local news and think it deserves a wider audience. Or maybe you feel it’s about time the world knew about your neighbor’s triumph over adversity or the good deeds they’ve done quietly over the years. If you’ve got feedback about the FabWeb site or our stories, we’d also love to hear from you. To give us feedback or story tips, please visit our contact page.

Featured image: CC 2.0 Steve Collis via Wikimedia Commons.

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