This 13-Year-Old has been Nominated for a Global Peace Prize

They say that children are the future. And, looking at Autumn Peltier, the future is in good hands. This thirteen-year-old First Nations girl has been nominated for the International Children's Peace Prize, for her work toward water protection. And it's not her first...

‘Ghost Plane’: Dozens of Witnesses Want Answers For Silent Giant

The reports are eerily similar. The skies go dark. Radio signals die. And then a World War II-era ghost plane glides, low and silent, across the sky before disappearing. What is happening in the skies over Derbyshire? According to the calls flooding the offices of The...

Military Music Videos Take the Internet by Storm (Videos)

When we think of the military, we don't exactly think of singing and dancing sailors bouncing down the street to a funky beat. Visions of Guys and Dolls, with sailors belting out show tunes, might come to mind. You might remember watching young actors performing...

Gun Review: Henry Repeating Arms .30/30

When I found out that RF had purchased a few lever guns, consummating his love affair with the cowboy classic, I considered it a grand sign and a symbol of his budding Texania. That’s a verbose way of saying it put a big ol’ smile on my face. I grew up with a...

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31 Iron Rich Foods for Vegetarians & Vegans

Many vegetarians and vegans worry about getting enough iron in their diet. Since meat is traditionally thought of as the main source of iron, vegetarians need to find different sources to help them reach their recommended amount of iron each day. Fortunately, there...

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18 extremely motivating movies

The new year has started! You must’ve already sketched the goals you’d like to achieve, and we have put together a list of movies that will inspire you to act on those goals! We Are Marshall © Warner Bros. Pictures The Marshall University American football team...

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This Simple Trick Will Remove Eye Bags In Just 5 Minutes

Forget expensive eye creams and spending hours with cucumbers slapped over your tired peepers — this beauty vlogger has revealed a cheap trick to combat dark under-eye circles. Darshika Patel, better known as YouTube beauty guru Darsh’s Bites, uses just baking soda...

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