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10. Whiskey and Smokes

So the wife said you had to take the kid out trick or treating. You wanted to be funny so you dressed up like a bottle of whiskey. But did you really have to dress your kid up like a pack of cigarettes?!?!

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9. Tigger-Spiderman

This is wrong on so many levels. He is wearing a kids Tigger costume with some spiderman speedos on and acting like a happy lion….the worst thing is the Spykids poster in the background! How is this even possible!

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8. Triple Boob Girl

I am not sure why you would do this. The “puppies” look they have creatures crawling through them and lumps all over the place…maybe it is supposed to look like that…

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7. Bert and Ernie

It’s not scary. It’s not horrifying. It is just plain wrong. Who’s idea was it to make 2 male puppets into a sexy girl dress up costume?

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6. Sandcastle guy

Unsure what is going on here. Maybe he is just trying to have fun? Maybe he drank way too many shots? Either or I would not go out in public like that!


5. Princess Leia

White sheet, check. 2 cinnamon rolls, check. Bug A-salt air gun, check. Instant Princess Leia! I would love to see how they did Chewbacca!

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4. Baby Belly

Ok, I have seen the baby coming out of a pregnant woman’s belly. I have seen a zombie baby chewing out of a woman’s belly. But I have never seen a baby parts sticking out of a man’s belly.

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3. Clowns

There had to be a clown one. I hate clowns. Look at those weird looking colors and funky hair. The smile, that’s the worst. I can’t handle it anymore…Its creeping us out!!

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2. Lion thing?

I am really unsure about this….I mean I have no idea what is going on here…Is it a twisted Mufassa? Is it the Cowardly Lion? Am I missing something here?

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1. Superwoman

The best one ever. Check out the skin of that hair! I am glad she didn’t forget her red purse and the handy glasses chain so she won’t lose them when she flies off!

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