The microwave oven has long been relegated to the role of Leftover Re-Heater or Hot Pockets Maker, but an enlightened few can attest to their real, professional meal-cooking ability.

Not convinced? We’ve put together a list of delicious microwave oven recipes to help change your mind:

#1. Spicy, Flaky Salmon.


This beautiful-looking single serving filet not only looks Instagram ready, it also takes a quick 5 minutes to make. Recipe here.

#2. Garlic Risotto.


Risotto purists may think it’s cheating to skip the half-hour stirring involved in the original recipe. But if it gets you the same results, why not try it? Recipe here.

#3. Lemon-Horseradish Sole.


Serve at a dinner party and see jaws drop around the table when you tell guests it literally takes 5 minutes to cook in the microwave. Recipe here.

#4. Simple Steamed Vegetables.


Did you know microwaving veggies actually helps them retain their nutrients better?Really. Recipe here.

#5. Chicken BBQ.


No need to take your five-ton grill out every time you want some barbecue goodness. If you’re in a hurry, you can rely on this 15-minute version. Recipe here.

#6. Mexican Cod And Potato Stew.


You can actually make pot luck-worthy stew using your microwave, in under 30 minutes. We won’t tell if you don’t. Recipe here.

#7. Healthy Chicken Fajitas.


This staple Mexican dish just got even better: you can whip them up in 15 short minutes. Easy, breezy, delicious. Recipe here.

#8. Cheesy Scrambled Eggs.


Where has this egg-cellent shortcut been all our lives? Just make sure to stir it every 45 seconds for extra soft, fluffy eggs. Recipe here.

#9. Smothered Chicken.


Microwave everything in one dish, including an entire head of garlic. Trust us when we say you’ll fall head over heels with this one. Recipe here.

#10. Chicken And Dumplings.


It’s made with rotisserie chicken, which makes this old-fashion dish even easier to make. Now you have no excuse not to. Recipe here.

#11.  Paleo Chocolate Mousse Cake.


For all you cavemen out there, here’s a Paleo-friendly dessert option if you want to get your sweets on. Recipe here.

#12. Single Serve German Chocolate Cake.


Cake party for one? Well, if you insist. Recipe here.

#13. Berry Cobbler.


Don’t hate us, but this is the kind of recipe that’s so delicious and ridiculously easy to throw together, you’ll find yourself “recipe testing” several times a week. Recipe here.

#14. Peanut Brittle.


Less fuss and less mess equals more time to enjoy your sugary, peanut-y concoction. Recipe here.

#15. Mason Jar Pancakes.


The perfect on-the-go breakfast! Bring a jar of pancake batter to your office and zap it in the microwave for a quick and filling meal. Syrup to taste, as per usual. Recipe here.

#16. Sour Cream And Onion Veggie Chips.


Healthy munchies you can make in no time at all. Recipe here.

And finally…

#17. The Best Bacon You’ll Ever Have.


Say goodbye to grease burns and scrubbing bacon filth off your pan, and say aloha to this super fast and easy way of making your favourite pork part perfect every single time. Recipe here.


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