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This unprecedented historical discovery will rewrite our history!

The archaeological establishment is scrambling to find some reason to reject and pour scorn on the extraordinary consequences of the excavations now taking place at Gunung Padang in Indonesia.

Since its first exploration by archaeologists in 1914 the site was thought to be a natural hill with 2500 year-old megalithic structures on top of it. But in 2010 geologist Dr Danny Hilman Natawidjaja (who earned his doctorate at Cal Tech) recognized this “hill” as a possible man-made pyramid and began to explore it using ground penetrating radar, seismic tomography, resistivity survey and other remote sensing techniques, as well as some direct excavations and deep core drilling.

The results were immediately intriguing producing evidence of deeply buried man-made chambers and yielding carbon dates going back as far as 26,000 years. This was the last Ice Age when our ancestors are supposed (according to the orthodox archaeological model) to be have been nothing more than primitive hunter gatherers incapable of large-scale construction and engineering feats. Was it possible that geologist Natawidjaja was unearthing the proof of a lost advanced civilization of prehistoric antiquity? Such ideas are heresy to mainstream archaeologists and sure enough the archaeological establishment in Indonesia banded together against Dr Natawidjaja and his team, lobbied the political authorities, agitated locally and succeeded in slowing down, though not completely stopping, the further exploration of Gunung Padang.

Dr Natawidjaja fought back, doing some high-level lobbying of his own, taking the matter to the President of Indonesia himself. There were further delays to do with elections in Indonesia but just a couple of months ago, in mid-August 2014, the final obstacles were lifted and Dr Natawidjaja and his team moved back onto the Gunung Padang site with full approval to go ahead with their work, including permission to excavate the concealed chambers.

Artist's impression of Gunung Padang as it would have looked in antiquity by and courtesy of architect Pon S Purajatnika. ©

Archaeologists were furious and immediately began lobbying to get the work stopped – fortunately to no avail as preliminary excavations have produced results that prove beyond doubt that Gunung Padang in indeed a man-made pyramid of great antiquity as Dr Natawidjaja had long ago proposed. Even the relatively young layer so far excavated (the second artificial columnar rock-layer beneath the megalithic site visible on the surface) has yielded dates of 5200 BC (nearly 3000 years older than the orthodox dating for the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt) and there are firm indications from the original remote sensing and core drilling work of much older layers below. In short, it is now evident to all that the site is vastly older than the 2500 years that archaeologists had insisted upon for decades. Even the most hostile amongst them are therefore now reframing their assessment of the site and referring to it as “a gigantic terraced tomb, which was part of the biggest megalithic culture in the archipelago.”

For a flavor of the sour grapes the archaeological establishment feel towards Dr Natawidjaja and his team see this recent article from the Jakarta Post:

I asked Dr Natawidjaja for his response to the Jakarta Post article and he replied as follows:

“The article has got the story all wrong.  All excavations were supervised by archeologists from Agency for Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites (BPCB) and University of Indonesia.  The excavation sites have also recently been inspected by the Director for Conservation of Archeological Sites (who is the boss of Miss Desril Shanti ), by the head of the BPCB, and by the Minister of Education and Culture himself.  Afterward, they gave a press conference confirming that all excavations are good and proper.  For information, the head of the National Archeological Center, which is the main office above local Archeological Centers including Bandung Archeological Center, is also a member of the National Team for Gunung Padang. The Jakarta Post article is also wrong about the funding.  The Minister of Education and Culture did indeed announce in the press conference that he would allocate about Rp 3 billion for the research but it has not begun to be disbursed yet.  So far, I and my team are still working willingly on our own funding with the help of the soldiers (TNI) who have been working alongside us.  Of course the TNI have their own funding – but not from that Endowment Fund.”

As to the progress of the work at Gunung Padang, Dr Natawidjaja writes as follows:

“The research progress has been being great.  We have excavated three more spots right on top of the megalithic site in the past couple weeks, which give more evidence and details about the buried structures.  We have uncovered lots more stone artifacts from the excavations.  The existence of the pyramid-like structure beneath the megalithic site is now loud and clear; even for non-specialists, it is not too difficult  to understand if they come and see for themselves.    We have found some kind of open hall buried by soil 5-7 meters thick; however we have not yet got into the main chamber.  We are now drilling to the suspected location of the chamber (based on subsurface geophysic) in the middle of the megalithic site.”

Stay tuned for more news from the front line!

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  • anonomyssy

    What are they hiding? And just who are ‘they’?

    • Mike Yzaguirre

      they are them….. ( chime in spooky xfiles music ) 🙂

      • Mitchell Fritz

        I am he as you are he as you are me And we are all together

        • Ivadene Deffenbaugh

          I am the egg man, they are the egg men.

          • Lynn

            I am the walrus

          • Micheal Smith

            koo koo chachoo

    • freedom74

      Scientists whose fame and fortune and possibly celebrity status within their disciplines that would be shown to be halfwits if they didn’t refute the findings with all their gravitas. This is a very normal scenario among people, especially educated people, whose narcissism won’t allow their ideas to be changed or challenged because their ego won’t take it and their careers and paycheck depend on their theories being right.

      • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified

        you must be home schooled

      • Ryan Curtis

        Even within my own scientific discipline we often have to wait for people to retire or die before the textbooks can be updated.

  • Badenuff

    If years of research and study are suddenly bogus based on new information some scientist would appreciate it. Others, prefer their claim to fame in scholarly circles stay intact regardless of the evidence.

  • Mike Roberts

    Gee, this article isn’t biased at aLLLLLL

  • BuckJohnson

    Where are the pics, please.

  • Madan Mohan

    The Facebook post I saw about this pyramid structure included a picture of somewhere else, in the Faro Islands. Can someone clarify?

  • PJ

    Read ‘Kingdoms of the last ice age’! There are thousands of settlements, some even cities, off the coasts of northern India and Africa where caucasians and occidentals (gallic peoples) respectively, still living at those latitudes at the time, built modern structures and lived in stone houses. It is, after all, only between eight and twelve thousand years ago that we’re talking about here.

    • freedom74

      It never made sense to me that the evolutionary biologist state that mankind has been in basically the same form for 200k years, but we weren’t able to develop advanced stone-age engineering until 15k years ago. Just simple logic should dictate that is a ridiculous proposition.

      • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified

        This is not correct.

      • Evan Foster

        You don’t know anything about early humans. Stone tools have been around for much longer than modern Homo Sapiens.

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  • holly Ahlberg

    Just one more Item to be Hidden from the General population .
    I have not seen any Story about MY Finds : Nuevo Albergis , 2 Years ago . and The 9 Asteroid hits into The Altiplano , That I found earlier this year .
    They may hide them , But THEY still happened.
    Shame on all the scholarly Small minds that seem to sit in their Ivory Towers , and refuse to accept the Evidence , even if it stares them into their eyes.

  • Jock Doubleday

    The archaeological orthodoxy will remain silent and is NOT scrambling. Silence is its main weapon.

    “The Cahokia Pyramids of Illinois and the Seven Deadly Sins of the Archaeological Orthodoxy”

    “Letter to the Editor of Archaeology Magazine”

  • nocadrummer

    We don’t need the archeologists to rewrite history, we have the Texas school book commission to do that. After all, “Jesus!”

    • Taiji_2

      Besides, the world is only six thousand years old (give or take a few billion); and they used domesticated dinosaurs for heavy construction.

  • Darius Tech

    26000 years would make it slightly younger than the big one in Kroatia. What I find most striking

    is the huge distance between them.

    • Tom T. Moore

      I assume you are speaking of the Pyramid of the Sun complex about 25 miles (30 km) from Sarajevo Bosnia? You can see all their work from the past several years on their website It’s 1/3rd higher than Giza and 26,000 years old.

    • Richard French

      There are pyramids all over the planet, so precisely laid out that the only explanation is powered flight.

      • Icabod

        How many ways are there to pile up stone?

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  • Icabod

    So, can we read the peer review article? No? Sigh, guess we just don’t approciate breathless claims and supposedly being attacked by orthodox science.
    Hey, do any of these things ever come true?

    • freedom74

      A recent wide reaching survey shows that peer reviewed science is unrepeatable at least 50% of the time. Peer review is no better than a coin-toss apparently so you shouldn’t put so much faith in it. It’s like asking politicians to review each others claims truthfully.

      • Icabod

        By your post, science is right 50% of the time. You also generalize all science and ignore why only some experiments aren’t repeatable. Given, the arguement would help if someone was dad wrong and trying to save themselves. Remember Issac Asmov’s thesis on crackpots?

  • kiwi sara

    You’d think if you were a acheologist you’d want to be part of the dig here even if findings proved your current work wrong because those story’s have been written based on prior findings anyway as time advances we should continue to make new findings and have better technology assisting us to make sense of these findings. If you are a acheologist who is trying to hinder new finds like this how interested in reaching the truth are you really?

  • Richard French

    Sadly any proof, or evidence that the Bible is true will be squashed and attacked by the powers that control media, and education.

    • Ryan Curtis

      luckily there is no such evidence then 😉

  • jorge massoud

    they gave a press conference confirming that all excavations are good
    and proper. For information, the head of the National Archeological
    Center, which is the main office above local Archeological Centers
    including Bandung Archeological Center, is also a member of the National
    Team for Gunung Padang. The Jakarta Post article is also wrong about
    the funding.

  • William Kerstetter

    But the Earth is only 6,000 years old. LOL

  • martin

    Pictures … Or it didnt happen

  • Mike Riley

    damned Obama! he’s behind this.

  • Saymone Woods-snyder

    Christia ity is being perled away and people are frightened of the implications.
    I think its fascinating,myself.why wouldnt you want to know all there is to know about our origins.

  • Patricia Heller

    Any more information on this in the last two years?