Man Kicked out of McDonald’s for Feeding a Homeless Human Being

Did you know, you can get kicked out of McDonald's for feeding a homeless person?  It happened to this man. Yossi Gallo probably thought he was doing something good, when he invited James Davis, a homeless man, to share a meal. It must have been a surprise, then, when...

Beer Yoga: Homer Simpson Meets Inner Peace?

Beer yoga, two words you may not have expected to hear together. Weird trends seem to define the modern world: we’ve seen everything from rainbow bagels to the ill-advised Tide Pod challenge. However, one new trend strikes an interesting balance between health and...

Errant Hippo Found in Mexico: No One Knows Where He Came From

Hippos have long fascinated humans around the world. Referred to as the “river horse," the name given to them by the Greeks, it is surprising, to say the least, to see one in Mexico. They are native to Africa, spending most of their lives beneath rivers and lakes....

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