Meta: If you’re celebrating the school year by attending the prom, then try one of these five easy to create prom hairstyles to look your best all evening.

Next, to her wedding, prom night is one of the most important nights in a young woman’s life. She gets to dress up in a beautiful gown, go on a date that could be life-changing, and choose a gorgeous hairstyle to complete her look.

If you’re going to prom this year, you may want to consider one of these prom hairstyles to look stylish and beautiful while celebrating the occasion with your friends.

Hairstyling Supplies to Keep on Hand

For women who style their hair at home instead of always going to a beauty parlor to have a professional stylist do it, they should keep certain supplies in their bathrooms. However, have the appropriate supplies will depend on their hair type. The hair basics women need to have on hand regardless of their hair type includes:

  • Blow Dryer: A blow dryer helps cut the drying time when a woman wants to style her hair. However, if her hair is fine and short, then letting it dry naturally probably won’t take very long. Those with thick hair should get a diffuser for the blow dryer to shorten drying time.
  • Round Boar Bristle Brush: Round brushes help give women with fine hair the volume they usually don’t have, and the boar bristles are gentle on such hair. If their hair is curly and fine, then they can brush through it without their hair snagging in the brush. Women with thick curly hair should get a round brush with both boar and rubber bristles as they get a better grip on the hair.
  • Shampoo: The type of shampoo you use will depend on your hair type. If you have fine hair, then you should use a volumizing shampoo. Women with texture in their hair, like curls or waves, need to keep their hair from drying out, so they need a shampoo with oils or silicone in it to hold in moisture.

Those who have fine hair may also need volumizing spray or mousse to give their hair more body and lift without weighing it down. Fine, straight hair calls for hot rollers and combs with fine teeth to produce volume and lift. Curly or wavy fine hair needs duckbill clips and leave-in conditioner to lift hair and moisturize it.

Women with thick wavy or curly hair should get a conical curling iron to emphasize their natural curls unless they want straight hair, and then they will need a flat iron and flat brush with bristles. When using a flat iron, apply a silicone spray to protect the hair from heat. Velcro rollers will also give it body.

Coarse hair needs a flat iron with heat protectant for straight hair or leave-in conditioner for those with curly or wavy hair. Protecting your hair from heat is essential when using a flat iron. A paddle brush for days when straightening hair keeps it smooth, and when you’re not going to shampoo, wear a shower cap to keep hair dry because too much blow-drying can break it.

Prom Hairstyles

Young ladies with long hair have many options when choosing how to style their hair. They can leave it down, put it in a bun, choose a ponytail, or select a hairstyle they’ve never had. Try one of these styles if you have long hair.

Romance with Dutch Braid

If you want to show off your hair in a beautiful style but want to tame it to keep it from flying in your face, consider this romantic Dutch braid. The braid starts at the crown of the head and moves down to the bottom of the hair. A Dutch braid is an inverted French braid, so people see most of the braid that is usually on the inside against the head.

For girls who do their hair, this hairstyle starts by washing it and applying a light mousse that helps thicken and holds the hair. However, don’t use a product that is stickier because that makes hair more challenging to style into a braid.

Next, braid your hair and use a hair tie or elastic band at the end to hold it together. Lightly apply a texture powder to the braid and gently pull it apart to give it a thicker, fuller look. The powder will help keep the braid from falling apart as you style it.

After the braid is complete, then you can place it down your back or off to the side over your shoulder if your hair is long enough to do so. Add an accessory to your hair if you want or leave plain to show off the style once the look is complete.

Old Hollywood Style Curls

Hollywood starlets back in the 1940s and 50s were the epitome of glamour and beauty. Stars at the time included Veronica Lake, who had an iconic peek-a-boo hairstyle that fell over her right eye, sex symbol Jayne Mansfield, who sported platinum waves, and Jane Russell, who was also known for her glamorous hairstyle.

If you want a retro look for prom night, then Old Hollywood Style Curls may be just the style for which you’ve been searching. For girls who are on a tight budget or running late, this style is easy to achieve at home. The first thing to do to make this glamorous style is to prep your hair by spraying it with hairspray and brushing it.

Use a spray with a light to medium hold and then hold your head upside down and give it another thorough application of the hairspray. Afterward, brush through it again to give your hair the holding power it needs to achieve the curls that you want.

Curling the Hair

To curl your hair, make sections that are about two finger widths and, using a curling iron, clamp it on the hair in the middle of the strands. To get this retro Hollywood style, curl the hair toward your face and then wrap the end of the strands around the bottom of the curling iron.

Maintain the hold for two to three seconds and unclamp the iron occasionally to avoid putting a crease in the hair. By holding the curl for a short time, you’re getting the hair hot, so when you release the curl, you should pin the hair back to let it cool. This process helps to create the glamorous Hollywood style waves that you want for your special night.

When you release the curls, do it vertically to catch the curls with your opposite hand. Let it cool for a second or two, and then twist the pin curl back horizontally. Roll the curl against your scalp, and after finishing it, clamp it with a hair clip to allow it to cool. Repeat the process over your entire head of hair.

Let the hair cool, then remove the clips and brush your hair thoroughly. Then, apply a finishing serum to your hair, like Moroccan Oil, to make the hair look sleek and glossy. You can wear it down or tuck the hair on the same side as your part behind the ear for a chic retro style.

Stylish Low Chignon

A chignon is an elegant look that takes little effort to do at home. It is a classic style that looks great at formal occasions like proms or weddings. If you want this look, begin by washing and blow-drying your hair, and then begin creating a ponytail. However, to ensure that the style stays together, divide the ponytail into two equal strands.

Then, loosely braid the two strands together to make a rope braid, which will keep the hair together while forming the bun and after the style is complete. Place a finger in the “V” that the braid forms at the top and being wrapping the braid around the finger to form a bun.

After forming the bun, hold it in place gently and pin around it to keep its shape. If your hair is heavy, crisscross the hairpins to keep them from coming out and the bun from falling. Finish the bun with a firm holding hairspray to keep it in place.

If you want a messier looking chignon, spray your hair with a light holding spray. Then, tease your hair slightly or run your fingers through it, so you look like you have bed-head, and then form the braid and a low chignon.

Rock the Curly Mohawk

A curly mohawk is perfect for younger women with a bit of rebel in their souls. It doesn’t matter if she has thick curly or straight hair because both hair types can wear the mohawk with a little work. A young woman with curly hair can use a curling iron and hairspray to form tighter curls and pin it into place.

Curling Hair

If she has straight hair, she can use a light holding hairspray, a curling iron, and separate the center portion of her hair, then pin the sides back to form a mohawk. To create a mohawk, section out the hair into a rectangle from the forehead to the nape.

Then, using a light holding spray and one-inch barrel on a curling iron, curl the hair within the rectangle. Create tight curls as you move the curling iron from the top of your head down to the nape. Then, when you finish curling the hair, use a firm holding spray to maintain the curls for the rest of the evening.

Smooth Hair into Side Sections

After curling the middle section, move the hair on the sides toward the center of your head and use hairpins it to keep it in place. Afterward, if you want to your hair to gleam, then use sheen to give your hair a shiny look.

Elegant Fishtail Bun

If you plan on wearing the Queen’s crown at your prom, then a high hair bun is a classic style for special occasions. This style is another easy look to achieve at home whether you’re late getting ready or you have all the time in the world.

Form the Braid

Start creating this hairstyle by brushing your hair into a high ponytail. When you have the ponytail where you want it, either on the highest point of your hair or a little lower, use an elastic ponytail holder to keep it in place.

Next, start by separating the hair of the ponytail in two parts, and, using a finger, take a small bit of hair from one of the ponytails’ outside edges and pull it to the center. Then, use your opposite finger to get a small section of hair from the opposite outside edge of the ponytail and pull it to the center to cross the other one with it to form a braid.

Continue braiding the hair in this manner down the ponytail, always grabbing a new section of hair from each side to braid together. Then, leave a couple of inches at the end to add a clear elastic band to secure the braid. You can pancake the braid to give it a thicker appearance.

To “pancake” it means to gently pull at the sides of each section of the braid to pull it slightly apart for a thicker look.

Create the Bun

After the braiding is complete, wrap the braid around the ponytail at the base. When you reach the end of the braid, tuck it under the hair bun and secure it in place with bobby pins. Finally, finish the hairstyle with a medium holding hairspray to keep everything in place as you and your date dance the night away.

With several of these five styles, you can do them at home instead of spending money on a hairstylist to do your hair for you. Doing your hair not only saves money, but it saves time as well. Also, having the list of hair products at home in your bathroom or on your dresser allows you to style your hair for any occasion, formal or casual, anytime you want to look your best.

These prom hairstyles are not only easy, but they create looks that make it seem like you spent a paycheck at the salon getting ready for the finale of your school year.

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