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Nine out of ten recruiters use LinkedIn on a regular basis, so your LinkedIn profile can be a great way to get a job after you finish school. Your profile can also work for you during your studies as long as you are using one of the best LinkedIn headlines for students.

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Sometimes considered the Facebook of the professional world, LinkedIn is a great place to make connections with people in your industry. Those connections all start with your profile, and that means you want it polished and professional. LinkedIn has a section of your profile for a headline. Your headline is the place to draw people in and make them want to get to know you or to work with you. Crafting the perfect headline is necessary for an appealing profile.

LinkedIn Headline FAQs

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LinkedIn headlines are important, but they can be confusing. The name headline makes you think of a news article, right? Well, fortunately, LinkedIn headlines don’t have to be as boring as news headlines. In fact, the best LinkedIn headline for students is engaging and interesting so that you can best capture the attention of job recruiters in your industry.

What is a LinkedIn headline?

A LinkedIn headline is a field on your profile that shows others what you do. If you don’t change it, LinkedIn will set your current title and employer as your headline. The default for students is “Student” followed by your school or institution. If you happen to have a part-time job, that will show up as your headline.

What does it do?

Your LinkedIn headline is like your elevator pitch, but online. It’s one of the first things someone sees when they view your profile, and it has to be short. Your LinkedIn headline can make or break your profile, so you need to make sure that it suits you and is professional. The best LinkedIn headlines for students draw in the attention of recruiters while making the student status clear.

Why is it important?

Your headline can tell others a lot about you, so you want to make sure it’s accurate. First impressions are important, and you want to put your best foot forward. While you can leave the headline blank, a custom headline will help you differentiate yourself from other users on LinkedIn. A good headline can also help recruiters find you, and it can make your job search much easier.

Should you customize your headline?

You should definitely customize your headline on LinkedIn. As mentioned, leaving your headline as is means that your headline will state your current job title. While that’s not inherently bad, it’s not as interesting as one that you write yourself. Many of the best LinkedIn headlines for students are custom headlines.

How do you customize your headline?

On your LinkedIn profile, you should see a button that looks like a pencil. If you click on that, you will have the option to edit a variety of fields including your name and your headline. Then you can fill in your headline with whatever you like so long as it’s under 120 characters.

Crafting the Perfect Headline

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The perfect headline doesn’t come easy, and it may change over time. Once you graduate, you will probably want to ditch the headline you have as a student. The perfect headline should be unique to you, but we figured out some of the best ways to create a good headline. Think of these as templates that you can add to or change as you write your headline.


To find the best LinkedIn headlines for students tailored to your personal style, we did some research on your behalf. We found a few articles that list tips for creating a headline, compared which were the best, and then we took those tips and made them into templates and ideas that you can turn into your own headline.

There are many more ideas and formats you can use for a LinkedIn headline. We chose the formats that lend themselves to creating the best LinkedIn headlines for students. These formats work no matter your field of study.

What Are the 8 Best LinkedIn Headlines for Students?

There are many different headlines you can choose from for your profile. Some of the best LinkedIn headlines for students have some wiggle room for you to make them your own. Instead of specifics, we’re sharing some qualities and formats that you can find in the best Linkedin headlines for students.

Future (job title)

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Instead of saying you’re a student, use your dream job. If you want to work as a nurse, say something like “Future Nurse.” Including your future job title in your LinkedIn headline shows that you have a plan for when you finish school, and it’s also more specific than simply saying you’re a student.

You can also use this sort of headline to flush out your career goals. If you’re unsure of your dream job, keep it simple with a common career path for students in your field. Look at the profiles of other students and graduates for inspiration.

(Career goal) in training

If you know exactly what you want to do, you can say you’re in training for that career. You can also get a bit more specific than the previous headline. While both are equally good options for formatting your LinkedIn headline, a “Future Nurse” doesn’t have the same effect as “Nurse in Training.”

The latter is great if you’re far along in your degree or if you’re a graduate student. If you’re beginning your degree, you can use “Future Nurse” for now and change it as you approach graduation.

Your mission

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Another way you can stand out on LinkedIn is to add your mission into your headline. Instead of saying you’re a med student, state why you’re studying medicine. You could say you’re changing the healthcare landscape, or you’re helping underprivileged groups gain access to quality care.

Of course, you should be truthful on all parts of your profile. Don’t lie or exaggerate just to write a compelling headline. If you prefer to work with certain patients, say it. If you have certain values that apply to your career, add them in. Just stay true to you. Even the most interesting headline won’t get you far if it isn’t accurate.

Show your personality

Your LinkedIn headline doesn’t have to sound boring. Aside from your profile photo, it’s the one place on your profile where you can show a bit of your personality. If you’re a business student with dreams of being your own boss, you can say something like “business student with a passion for entrepreneurship” or “CEO of tomorrow.”

It is the perfect option for students in creative fields. Art students could say something like “painting next year’s Mona Lisa” or “art lets me work in my sweatpants.” No matter your field of study, adding a bit of your personality is a great way to stand out from the crowd, but be sure to refrain from crude language.

Flaunt your accomplishments

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We don’t mean just saying you’re an honors student. If you’ve won any awards or competitions, you can use your LinkedIn headline to share those accolades. A music student could say “young artist winner” or “competitive pianist.” Even if you don’t have any traditional awards, you can still share your biggest accomplishments.

If you’re a habitual procrastinator, but you still get good grades, you could say “scientist, best under pressure.” If you’re proud of something you’ve done, try to include it in your headline. That is an easy way to write a LinkedIn headline that’s your own especially if that accomplishment is unique to you.

Focus on you

If you don’t have a clear mission or you don’t want to share an accomplishment, use your LinkedIn headline to sell yourself. What exactly do you study? Many major programs require a concentration, especially at the graduate level. Your headline is a great place to share that concentration, and it keeps you from filling your education section with those details.

Even if you don’t have an official concentration, there’s probably something specific that you’re interested in. Focus in on what makes you different from other students in your major, and you’re sure to create an impressive headline.

Include keywords

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One of the best things about LinkedIn is that you can see how many times people view your profile. Unless those people are in private mode, you can even see who they are. You can also see how many times your profile turns up in search results.

Showing up in search results means you have a better chance of being found by important professional connections. Instead of a generic title, such as “future teacher” or “communications student,” include one or two keywords from your field. Think of some words or phrases you might search for to find other people in your industry, and add a keyword into your headline.

Your niche

Whether you plan to work for yourself or for a company, a specific niche can help you stand out and find professional opportunities. No matter what field you dream of working in, a niche will help you narrow your focus. That focus can really help when you go to make connections and look for work.

Marketing yourself as a generalist is possible while specializing in a particular area, shows potential recruiters that you have a plan for your career but are readily adaptable. If your profile says “digital marketing specialist,” a recruiter looking for a traditional marketer won’t waste your time. If your profile says “marketing student,” you could draw the attention of recruiters whose companies or jobs don’t interest you.

Your Best LinkedIn Headline

The best LinkedIn headline for students isn’t one headline. It will depend on your field of study, your goals, and where you are in school. A med student in their last year of residency will have a different headline than that of a freshman business major. That’s perfectly okay and expected.

Before you decide on your new LinkedIn headline, consider your major and your career goals. What are you studying? Do you want to work in a traditional office or do you want to work out in the field? Finally, where are you in your studies? If you’re new to your degree, you may not be on the hunt for jobs, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a professional headline.

The best LinkedIn headlines for students cover a wide range of ideas and formats. We think the best LinkedIn headlines for students show a bit of personality and what makes you unique. There are plenty of students on LinkedIn, so you need to stand out from them all. A good LinkedIn headline is the best way to do that.

Choose one or two of the options on our list, and you’re sure to have the perfect headline, but don’t be afraid to change it if you don’t see the results you want. Just like your dream job, your headline will change as you change. So get out there and get to work on your next amazing LinkedIn headline.

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