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WTF? Big Toy Companies’ Games Have Literally Gone Down the Toilet

You knew it had to happen sometime. Toilet themed games, toys, and plushies are here. And kids love them. In the world of toys, Number Two is Number One. You can plunge a poo right out of the potty. Or dodge squirting toilet water. If you want to mold your own poo out of stinky brown dough, you can do that too. And if you’re bored with human feces, there’s a doggy doo game for you. Woo! or Ew? It’s up to you.

Toilet Themed Games

Toilet Trouble

In this game, players spin the toilet paper roll to find out how many times they must flush the toilet. If you hear the flushing sound, you’re safe! If not, then you’ll get a squirt of water in the face and be eliminated!

Come on, who doesn’t like a spray of toilet water in the kisser? Toilet trouble is from Hasbro, who also released Don’t Step In It. In this game, blindfolded players walk across the play mat, trying not to step in fake poo. Hasbro describes Don’t Step In It as “Blindfolded, poop-dodging fun.”

Flushin’ Frenzy

Flushin’ Frenzy is a more, um, hands-on kind of game. Players roll dice to see how many times they have to pull the plunger. One of those plunges is going to send a life-sized plastic turd shooting into the air. But don’t let it drop! You have to catch it — with your hand!

Plunge It! from Alex Brands is another plunger game. A grinning poo sits in the middle of the board. Players take turns trying to pick it up with their plungers. Which will no doubt be good training for adult life.

Make Your Own…Or So to Speak

Of course there is poo dough and poo putty. Playing with poo is common for toddlers, but with these toys, the fecal fun never has to end.

Image CC BY 2.0, by Mike Mozart, via Flickr.

If poo sculpture isn’t your thing, you could also try playing with boogers. With Gooey Louie, the object is to pull boogers out of Louie’s nose.

Image CC BY 2.0 by Mike Mozart, via Flickr.

Cuddly Poo

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle a plush dookie? Now you can, too. No? Come on. Look at that face. How can you resist?

Image CC BY 2.0 by Joel Solomon, via Flickr.

In addition to plush, feces shaped emojis, there is also Flush Force by Spin Master Toys.

“When toxic sludge oozes into the sewer system, you never know what’s going to crawl up your toilet to surprise you!”

Apparently what comes up is a series of gross out action figures called “Flushies.” They come packaged in a little toilet. You add water to the tank, put the lid on, and shake. Soon, putrid things will start crawling out of the toilet. Just like at home? We hope not! You can collect 150 different foul toilet beasties.

There are also Poopeez. These residents of Kerpopolis are not only action figures, but stars of videos and social media. Poopeez come two to a toilet paper roll-shaped package. You can’t tell which ones you’re getting until you take them home and open them. There are 36 different Poopeez in all. And if you really want to let it fly, you can buy the Poopeez launcher.

Not Just People Poo

The Doggy Doo game doesn’t just have poo. It has dog poo, and, if you’ve ever gotten it on your shoe, you know that dog poo is the grossest poo of all. But the little doggy in this game doesn’t just drop a deuce. He farts, as well. And it really stinks.

We’ve seen the future of toys, and, for now, anyway, the future is poo.  We’re all flushed with joy. Seriously, no, we are doubled-over in joy …or is that gas? Who dreams this stuff up, anyway.

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