The once obscure fishing village of Shag Harbor became the center of one of the biggest UFO occurrences of all time. Something known as the Shag Harbor UFO incident completely shook the small community to the core. Don’t let the fact that this event didn’t get that much public exposure deceive you. What thorough investigations revealed about this apparent typical UFO-related incident is likely to turn even the biggest skeptic around. Read on.

The Backstory

On October 4 1967, the residents of Shag Harbor, a village south of Nova Scotia, started observing a bizarre group of orange lights flickering in the sky. Eye witnesses were a group of teenagers, as well as other tens of separate of observers. According to their declarations, the lights continued to flicker in a sequence for several minutes. After that, they suddenly took a sharp turn of 45 degrees and dived towards the surface of the water, crashing in.

Understandably, all the people who bore witness to this episode thought that they’d just watched a plane or a helicopter crash into the water. A young fisherman living by the water patch thought the same thing, so he got in touch with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). At first, the authorities deemed that the fisherman was simply drunk, so they brushed the case off. However, when tens of other calls reporting the same thing started flooding in, they called the fisherman back and asked for a precise location.

Shag Harbor Incident


A Closer Look

Someone who managed to get a closer look at the grouping of lights and the UFO’s behavior was RCMP’s Constable Ron Pound. He was patrolling on Highway 3 when the lights emerged from the sky, tugging at his attention. As he drove faster toward the location of the peculiar sight, he started getting a better look at it. Constable Pound declared that it looked as if all four lights belonged to a single aircraft, which he estimated to be around 60 feet long and dome-shaped.

Police Corporal Victor Werbieki and Constable Ron O’Brien joined Constable Pound on the shoreline, where tens of other Shag Harbor residents witnessed the unveiling event. As the object was gliding across the surface of the water, the previously orange lights switched to yellow. In its movement, the UFO was leaving a trail of odd, yellow foam on the water’s surface. The object started to distance itself from the shore, much to the dismay of the approximately 30 witnesses staring flabbergasted at the occurrence.

About five more additional moments passed and that was when the UFO started sinking into the depths of the North Atlantic.

Investigation Time

In the meantime, authorities were convinced that they had to deal with a missing aircraft which had just crashed into Shag Harbor. While waiting for the arrival of the Canadian Coast Guard, two RCMP officers and several local fishermen decided to speed up the search for possible survivors. They launched boats into the water and started their time-constrained quest.

What really stood out to them was the fact that the yellowish foam continued to linger on the water’s surface. According to the fishermen, it looked nothing like the foam formed by waves, and they were even slightly perturbed that they had to navigate through it for their expedition. After they ultimately found nothing, including the object that had sunk into the depths of the ocean, the men on the mission called the search off at approximately 3:00 AM.

On October 5, the following day, the Canadian Forces Headquarters sent the HMCS Granby to investigate the Shag Harbor crash site. Using latest-technology equipment, the divers consequently scouted the depths of Shag Harbor, only to abandon the quest a few days later. After having seemingly found nothing, the case was left hanging open with no conclusions or explanations.

The Truth Behind Shag Harbor?

For years, the Shag Harbor UFO incident fell off the map. However, in 1993, MUFON investigator Chris Styles and his partner, Doug Ledger, decided to take the matter of the mystery into their own hands. Using newspaper clippings and other records of the 1967 incident, they managed to get in contact with the people who had been involved with the occurrence in one shape or another.

The divers and crew members of the HMCS Granby declared that the crashed object had been, in fact, found. It was on the bottom of the ocean, having traveled roughly 25 miles until it arrived near a military location known as Government Point. Without going much into the technical and military details, the only thing worth noting about Government Point is that it possessed advanced technology. In simple words, there is no shadow of a doubt that it detected the presence of the object.

Furthermore, the Navy was about to initiate a salvage operation after three days of no movement. To their dismay, however, another object suddenly showed up underwater, shining a light on the sunken UFO, and seemingly trying to aid it. Baffled, the Navy continued to return for several days straight, observing the two objects, which were at the time unmoved and inactive.

Things took a significant turning point once several of the naval vessels had to leave their positions to pursue a Soviet submarine that had wandered into Canadian waters. The remaining vessels noted that the objects had seemingly “taken advantage” of the situation and they abruptly took off, starting to accelerate underwater toward the Gulf of Maine. After a period of chasing, the two objects suddenly shot out of the water into the sky.

The Aftermath

Today, the Shag Harbor incident is a case with its door left hanging wide open. Many people continue to wonder what really hid beneath the strange yellowish foam. Of course, the community is split. Some people treat this event the same way they treat their myths and stories of sea snakes. In fact, there is even a local museum dedicated to the occurrence that shook this fishing village to the core. Other people, though, treat it seriously enough to consider it a proper conspiracy. After all, many of the reports aforementioned came from civilians AND previous military members.

A Vague Conclusion

In the end, the Shag Harbor UFO incident was tugged under the carpet and it’s been residing there since 1967. Not even Chris Styles’ investigation managed to bring the event into the spotlight of the public eye the way it deserves to be. Let’s be realistic here: this is an episode that’s locked in the Pandora’s Box of governmental extraterrestrial conspiracies we’ll probably never open. Whether we believe Styles’ research unveiled the truth or not… that is up to each one of us.

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