Every new mom deserves to feel pampered.

They deserve whatever they need to feel great, whether it’s a spa day, a big party, or just weeks dedicated to watching Netflix from bed.

And yes, these rules apply to pigs, too.

When Sophie the potbelly pig fell pregnant, her carers at the Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ohio new they wanted to do something special.

She’d had a difficult life before moving to the sanctuary. Sophie was found on a property in Indiana last month along with other animals, who’d all been abandoned by their previous owner and left without enough food and water to continue to survive.

Picture: Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Inc. / Facebook
(Picture: Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Inc./Facebook)

Thankfully she was rescued by the Humane Society of Elkhart County, who then moved her to Happy Trails Farm.

Sophie definitely deserved some special treatment.

So Happy Trails Farm contacted Jessica Cvelbar, founder of Enjoy the Ride Photography, to give the pig her very own maternity photoshoot.

Picture: Enjoy the Ride Photography / Facebook
(Picture: Enjoy the Ride Photography/Facebook)

Decked out with her own fancy tutu, Sophie posed with pig-friendly cupcakes, bunting, and hay bales.

She’s a natural model, and totally nailed her poses. Especially the one where she’s lying down and proudly displaying her tummy to the world.

Pregnant pig maternity shoot
(Picture: Enjoy the Ride Photography/Facebook)

Oh, and there’s been a splendid update since Sophie’s photoshoot: she’s now given birth.

A spokesperson for Happy Trails told The Dodo: ‘She went into labor yesterday evening and gave birth to 7 healthy piglets. They are all doing well!’

Picture: Enjoy the Ride Photography / Facebook
(Picture: Enjoy the Ride Photography/Facebook)

Well that’s brilliant news.

We can’t wait for the photoshoots of each and every little piglet as they hit all the important milestones – first meal, birthdays, graduation.

Pigs deserve more photoshoots and we deserve to see more pictures of pigs.


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