Your day is going great, until all of a sudden the tiniest, most insignificant thing happens to make you want to quit at life for the rest of the day. What did I do in my past life to deserve this? Of course you’re being a big time Drama Queen, but these things just suck too much to pass by with no meltdown.

1.Hitting your toe on a corner.

2. Getting a burnt Cheeze it.

3. The icing of your Krimpet or other Tastykake sticking to the wrapper.

4. “Too many computers are watching on this Netflix account.”

5. A “turtle neck” in your iPhone charger.

6. Chipping your mani or pedi as soon as you get in the car.

7. Chipotle being skimpy on your bowl or burrito.

8. An annoying little pimple in your ear or nose.

9. When you work hard to make frozen food and take a bite and it’s freezer burnt.

10. Burning the roof of your mouth.

11. Finishing a series on Netflix.

12. Forgetting to move your car for street cleaning and getting a ticket.

13. Someone stealing your seat in class.

14. The only hair-tie on your wrist breaking.

15. Someone stepping on the back of your shoe.

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