HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Dannel Malloy is asking gun sellers, both in-state and out of state, to voluntarily stop selling semi-automatic weapons on Father’s Day, June 19th.

Malloy asks sellers to do this as a sign of respect to the fathers and parents who lost children in the Orlando nightclub shooting.

“We are calling on Connecticut gun sellers to avoid all semi-automatic weapons sales on Father’s Day for one reason. We should show respect, through a symbolic gesture, to those who’ve lost loved ones in Orlando,” Gov. Malloy said.

Since 2013, Connecticut has prohibited the AR-15 and the Sig Saucer MCX and has since seen a decrease in violent crimes.

According to the Governor’s office, gun-related homicides are down 40 percent in Hartford, Bridgeport, and New Haven this year compared to the last.

For states that allows sales of the AR-15 or the Sig Saucer MCX or do not have “smart gun laws,” the Governor urges gun sellers in those states to also cease gun sales on Father’s Day.

“It’s a small gesture that all gun sellers can accommodate – and it’s a gesture to exhibit respect for the fathers and parents who lost their sons and daughters last weekend,” Malloy added.

Mike Majewski, is the owner of Woodbridge Firearms. He says ever since the ban on assault weapons in the state business has been down.

“It’s a business like everything else. We are trying to make money. By saying hey listen I don’t want you to sell a certain product that’s the most popular product is saying why don’t a clothes store not sell clothes for the day,” said Majewski.

Majewski said now he even has a hard time getting guns that are legal to sell in Connecticut.

“What people want and what they are making is illegal in Connecticut, about 80 percent of the guns we can’t have. So they are not manufacturing the stuff legal for Connecticut and several other states only allow ten rounds,” added Majewski.


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