The Bermuda Triangle and stories of vanishing ships and aircraft in the area have baffled scientists and frightened travellers throughout history, but now the enduring mystery might be solved.

The Bermuda Triangle stretches between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico in the North Atlantic Ocean and is the site of many mysterious disappearances of planes and shipwrecks.


Thanks to recently-discovered craters found deep in the Barents Sea hundreds of miles away off the coast Norway, scientists may be one step closer to solving the spooky mystery.

Researchers have learnt that half mile-wide, 150-feet deep craters in Norway’s sea were created by huge amounts of methane building up and exploding under the sea bed.


The gas explosions that form the craters could potentially harbor enough force to sink ships and pose serious risks to aircraft.

So now scientists are using the evidence from the Barents Sea to theorize that this is what’s been happening in the Bermuda Triangle.


Mystery solved? We’ll just have to wait and see…



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