Former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell who once walked on the Moon, sadly passed away on Thursday 4th February 2016.  He always claimed that he STILL believes a UFO with aliens DID crash in a US desert before the government covered it up and wants the world to know the TRUTH!


The former NASA astronaut and man on the moon Edgar Mitchell, has always remained adamant that more than one alien landed at Roswell nearly 70 years ago – and some of them were captured alive and could still be alive somewhere to this day.  He went on to say:

“The truth about it is that it was real. I was there when the Roswell incident took place. I was on my way to college and had just graduated high school. 

“One day, it was in the Roswell Daily Record, which was a newspaper in Roswell, about an alien spacecraft that had crashed, and the next day that it had been denied by the Air Force, saying that it was a weather balloon. 

“I believed that and went off to college. 

“Many years later, after I had been to the moon and came back, I went out to Roswell to give lectures, talk and meet people I knew since I was a kid. 

“Many of the people I knew, along with descendants of the people who had been involved in the Roswell incident, told me their stories.” He said.

Edgar confirmed that the descendants included the son of an undertaker who provided “coffins for the alien bodies” and the son of a sheriff who “kept traffic away from the crash site” and helped keep the area secure from prying eyes!

Mr Mitchell once stated a very wise comment and said that we do not know what beings are in the Universe, because our planet is “like a grain of sand on a huge beach”.

Mr Mitchell was the sixth man to walk on the moon as part of the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.
Edgar Mitchell exploring the Moon in 1971

Edgar Mitchell exploring the Moon in 1971

Mr Mitchell also added:

“A family friend who was a major in the United States Air Force told me it was all real. 

“I got the stories from all of these various people into my head when I came back from the moon, and I then went to the Pentagon and told them my story about that and said, give me your opinion. 

“The admiral who I spoke to said, ‘I don’t know anything about it, but I’m going to find out.’ 

“He went out to New Mexico and checked all around, came back and told me, ‘Your stories are quite correct and all real.’”

Edgar was also keen to confirm that the US government found dead and live aliens on board the crashed craft at Roswell!

Apparently, the US Government covered up the Roswell incident because they did not know if the ‘visits’ were hostile and also did not want Soviet Russia discovering about it….and possibly stealing any potential knowledge or technology!
Apparently the UG Government were nervous about a potential hostile situation with Aliens after the Roswell event!

Apparently the US Government were nervous about a potential hostile situation with Aliens after the Roswell event!

Edgar told how governmental agencies in the US did not know at all what to do with the alien crashed saucer and its “superior technology” for fear of it getting into Soviet hands and being used against them one day!

 “The best course of action was to just lie about it, and keep it to themselves. They labeled it ‘above top-secret,’ and that created the long running iron curtain separating a secret group within the government, and the American public.” He said.

Mr Mitchell also made a shocking statement that he had been made aware of “many UFO visits to Earth during his career with NASA” with each and every one covered up!

Please check out an intriguing video with Edgar below:


U.I.P Summary

Edgar Mitchell no matter what, deserves a lot of respect as believe it or not but he did once upon a time walk on the moon, even though a lot of people think that this was faked.  Mr Mitchell is a brave man, not just for his work as an Astronaut for NASA, but also for putting his reputation at stake by declaring his belief in Aliens and the events that happened at Roswell!

Yes Edgar was part of the fiasco that was the Roswell Slides recently, however you get the impression by his sudden non arrival at the event that he smelt a rat about the whole slides thing so perhaps had a change of heart! But when a man who used to work for NASA as an Astronaut declares that Aliens exist, then there is no denying the fact that the world has to LISTEN UP to what he is telling us all….

Sadly Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon, passed away at a hospice in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Thursday 4th January 2016.  He died alongside his loving family.  He was 85 years of age, and spent many of those years seeking the truth about who our ET visitors are – We salute you Sir for your bravery and for helping Humanity discover the truth about what lies beyond.

Thank you Edgar for doing the right thing.




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