Artist creates a Christmas miracle on windows of a children’s hospital

Tom Baker, an artist from Britain, became known for his unusual hobby: he creates stunning window scenes using snow aerosol spray. People enjoyed his work so much that he was soon flooded with comissions, first from his friends, but then a few organizations reached out as well asking him to decorate their windows for the winter holidays.

We here at Bright Side think that Baker’s most inspired work to date is a Snow Window he created for The Royal Berkshire Hospital children’s ward, UK.

Tom’s work process makes for a fascinating watch. So far he’s the only one in the world who uses this technique.

It took him 2 hours to decorate the hospital windows by spraying them with snow spray and brushing the images using a dry paint brush.

The nurses and their little patients were delighted.

Tom has a very vivid imagination and he tries to make every window look unique.

Here are just a few of his spray works he created for other windows out in the city.

Snow pictures look even more impressive when being illuminated by the street lights from outside.


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