Wildlife Photographer of the Year is one of the most prestige wildlife photographic competitions in the world. The awards are given to the gifted amateures and professionals in wildlife photography. All pictures of the animals must be taken in their natural habitat.

Fabweb introduces you to the works of the winners and finalists of the contest that can truly be called the best shots of the year.

Hare tap-dancing

 Now where’s the groom?

 Silk desert

 Harmony in nature

 Black and white lace

Deep-sea cruiser

 Wrestlers’ match

 Night leaper

 Dreary element

 Gold of the Savannah

 Catch me if you can

 Icy flight

 Black on black

 Snow valley

 Sensation of flight

 Under protection

 In soft-blue hues

 One trough for two

 Mum is back

 Bird waltz


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