Cats are natural predators. They have an instinctive ability to hide themselves and remain absolutely silent and unnoticed in order to catch their prey. But this critical aspect of their nature doesn’t seem to have been passed on to all of them.

We picked out a few of the least successful (and therefore, the most hilarious) attempts by our feline companions to hide themselves.

If I can’t see you, then you can’t see me.

I’ve never understood why they think the sink is some kind of perfect hiding place…

A good attempt, but you forgot about your tail…

That look says, ’please don’t turn on the tap!’

Blending perfectly into her surroundings.

Trying to hide in the crowd. Didn’t quite work.

It’s certainly true that the higher you go the safer you’ll be. But we can still find you!

Just pretend you’re part of the door handle and they’ll walk right on by…

This one seems to have forgotten that he can’t quite fit in that box anymore!

Well, if the internet has proved one thing, it’s that cats and computers are inseparable.

But how did he manage to put the cards in place…?

No, I have no idea where he’s got to…

For some reason he thought a nearly all-white bathroom would be perfect camouflage.

At least he managed to get the drawer open!

The classic hiding place! Works every time…

Ninja cat. Level of training: beginner…


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