Western countries finally come to this. Maybe it’s time to think and get back to basics? This article will definitely cause embarrassment and discomfort. However, so many doctors spread the information it conveys  all over the world.

We apologize for the invasion of personal space, but at the moment … You are likely to sit well …


But do you know that these two positions are harmful to your health?

When the hips are bent at an angle of 90 degrees, the natural position of your intestines literally pinched. All of this can gradually lead to constipation, irritable bowel, and hemorrhoids. Well, do you need that? 

With the angle of 35 degrees, everything is completely different. Much easier. This pose is natural for many countries in Asia, but in the West for some reason it was rejected. 

As it is not an easy task to change our common toilets, you can simply substitute a chair leg. Very practical. 

Your body just say Thank you!

Perhaps it is for this reason that Europeans have bowel problems are more likely than Asians. Distribute this information to your friends. Maybe it will help?

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