Jim and Karen Watkins – a truly selfless people. To help the stray animals, they began to help neighbor’s cats that have nowhere to go. At that time they harbor 18 cats and completely unaware that there will be someone else in their home. One day Jim found a helpless baby …

Squirrel has fallen from the tree. It was so little that did not know how to help itmself. Karen had the idea to put the baby in a box of newborn kittens and their mother Emmy. Jim and Karen were worried what would happen next, and thoroughly followed the course of events. They were amazed at how Emmy reacted to the baby Rocky (the so-called squirrel). She took care of this baby as well as for her cubs.


Watkins decided to leave Emmy at home because Rocky has never been able to get used to the wild life. Perhaps this “squirrel-cat” will not be a cat, but with a new mom, it had already begun to purr !

You just have to take a look at how Amy take care of the baby Rocky:


In my opinion, this is the most touching story I’ve heard in recent times! We still have a lot to learn from the animals. Cat Amy is brilliant!

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