It is very easy always to have fresh herbs on the table. Many plants immediately germinate in water and give a new crop. Try to create at home this little greenhouse – vitamins will give you strength every day!

There is a list of 8 vegetables that you can cultivate plenty times.

Green onion

Chives grow again, if you leave it in a small glass with roots in the water. The room where it will grow, should be well-lighted.


Garlic grows well and can continue to grow in a glass of water. Garlic sprouts very gentle on the palate, it is a great spice to add it to salads and sauces.

Bok choy (Chinese cabbage)

In a well-lighted room, put the root of the plant into the water. Hold it there for 1-2 weeks. After that it can be transplanted in a pot. There it will grow up into a full cabbages.


Cutted tops of carrots germinate in water very well. They will delight you with bright greens for salads.


Put small basil shoots 3-4 cm long in a glass of water in direct sunlight. When they increase twice plants can be planted in the soil. Basil will again be lush and healthy.


Cut the celery base and place it in a saucer with warm water in the sun. The leaves start to grow in the middle of the base, then it can be transplanted.

Romaine Salad

Salad come to life again, if to keep it in the water for several days so that the water covers half of the plant. After that, once the new leaves appear and the plant can once again be planted in the ground.

Coriander (cilantro)

Cilantro grows very well in the water. Try to put it, and fragrant sprout once will give you a riot of greenery.

To visualize everything mentioned above and mention some other vegetable we propose you to look at this simple infographic designed by

10 Veggies you can grow again

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