Overtaking is one of the most dangerous maneuvers on the road. Even if you have a great driving experience, this does not guarantee that one day you will not be а part of an accident because of overtaking. Unfortunately, nearly 80 percent of road accidents occur due to incorrect execution of the maneuver. For proper overtaking you have to follow three basic rules:

  1. Make sure that noone overtakes you;
  2. Check for absence of oncoming traffic;
  3. Move into wrong side, and then lead over the vehicle in front of you, and return to your lane.

One of the biggest problems on the road is a presence of large vehicles such as trucks. It is very difficult to find out and evaluate the danger of the situation in front of you, if you are trail behind in the tail of a huge truck. Employees of the Argentine division of Samsung found an ingenious and at the same time incredibly simple solution to this problem.

The videocam has been installed in the front of the company’s truck while the special multiple screens – on the back of the transport.

Camera at the front of the truck

Camera at the front of the truck

The front camera shoot the picture of the road in real time and transmit it to the screens at the back.

Screens at the back of the truck

Screens at the back of the truck

Any driver of a vehicle moving behind this truck can quite clearly see when oncoming traffic is free for overtaking, and easily perform the maneuver.

This ingenious solution on the road can save countless lives! Bravo, Samsung!

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