If you’ve been on the Internet for a long time, chances are that you’d be inclined to say you’ve seen it all. Well, let’s just say that you haven’t really seen it all until you’ve seen Marianas Web. Don’t get your keyboard and mouse ready just yet, though – that might prove a bit more difficult than you think. This is because it doesn’t even exist.

… Or does it?

Hidden Levels of the Internet

Marianas Web hidden levels of the internet


The Internet Is Like An Onion

Just like ogres, the Internet is like an onion: it has many layers. At first glance, conducting a basic Google search and seeing about 168,000,000 distinct results show up is pretty freaking overwhelming. Can you really imagine hundreds of millions of results for ONE keyword alone? In that regard, we suppose, the Internet has grown to be about as vast as the universe itself. Just like there are billions upon trillions of stars, there are billions upon trillions of web pages.

However, at the end of the day, the Internet is classified as finite. Because of this, there’s this infamous hierarchy known as “the levels of the Internet.” It very appropriately uses the comparison with an iceberg to point out how big it i but there are hidden levels of the internet which you have to dig deep to find.

Level 0: Common Web

The tip of the iceberg is the null level which we all know and love. If you can access it through a search engine, then you can say it’s a Level 0 website. If you’ve never ventured into dubious activities then chances are that you’ve spent your entire life on the tip of this iceberg. Proper examples include Facebook, YouTube, or Wikipedia.

Level 1: Surface Web

Starting with this level, we start diving underwater to take a peek at the massive chunk of ice hidden below. Although the websites from this level are still indexed by search engines, one may say that they’re slightly… darker. The best example we can give you is the infamous Reddit.

Level 2: Bergie Web

This is the last level which you can access normally and through Google indexing. It contains mostly “underground” websites which require a slightly more complicated algorithm. One notable example is 4chan.

Level 3: Deep Web

Also called the Dark Net, Invisible Web, or the Deep Net, the Deep Web can only be accessed through the use of proxies. This level mostly contains hacking websites, gore, virus information, celebrity scandals, or other things that really don’t belong to the surface of anything. There are certain things, however, which will require you to use Tor or another specially-designated browser that can slip under the radar of the law.

Level 4: Charter Web

As a whole, many consider the Charter Web to be part of the Deep Web. It’s understandable, seeing how they both have something in common: they’re illegal and disturbing. The true atrocities and horrors are on this level. Human trafficking, World War 2 experiments, assassination groups, banned movies or videos, etc.

And last but not least, we have the pit of the Internet…

Level 5: Marianas Web

Marianas web polymeric falcighol derivation quantum computing


Polymeric Falcighol Derivation and Quantum Computing

Ever heard of polymeric falcighol derivation? If yes, ever heard of quantum computing then? Because these are the two things you need in order to access Marianas Web, the darkest and most mysterious place on the Internet. Polymeric falcighol derivation and quantum computing are a technologies that supposedly exists in governments.

Because of this, many claim that Marianas Web is the space that deposits the deepest, darkest secrets of humankind. Nobody knows for sure what they are. But people have speculated that Marianas Web contains governmental files, the location of Atlantis or the Holy Grail, or even the answer to ancient conspiracies. Some believe that since it’s so difficult (to the point it’s impossible) to access it, it became the communication network for the Illuminati.

Myth or Reality?

Don’t take anything for granted on the Internet, including the Internet itself.

No one has proven that Marianas Web actually exists, but… no one has proven that it doesn’t exist either. If someone buys into conspiracy theories, they’ll believe in Marianas Web with no second thought. After all, who’s to say the government hasn’t been hiding these quantum computers from us all along?

The Horrors of the Deep Web

There is one thing we can say for sure, though: the Deep Web and everything up to Level 5 DO exist and they’re as horrific as someone could imagine. Many of the content someone can find that is either illegal, downright sick, or a combination of both which makes it worthy of a horror movie. So, consider this your friendly disclaimer. Temptation toward the unknown and the forbidden is a pretty humane thing, but there is a reason why the Deep Web is hidden. Anything someone could get thrown into jail for is over there, some things even worthy of double life sentences.

Don’t attempt to go to the Deep Web. Not only will the content likely scar you for life, but any small slip could result in detection and the FBI knocking on your door.

The Secrets of Marianas Web

What about Marianas Web, then? If all the things in the upper levels are so incredibly sickening, brutal, and disturbing, what kind of things could Marianas Web harbor to make it WORSE? Well, like we said, maybe it’s not necessarily this kind of content. Maybe you will find there the truth about aliens, about Atlantis, about your favorite conspiracies. Maybe the universal truth is there.

Nobody knows for sure, really. Everyone just knows that it’s deeply… evil.

It does sound appealing, doesn’t it? It’s a shame that it’s virtually impossible to access this level. Or maybe it’s just the perfect coincidence? As long as the rules for accessing this platform are so complex, it’s a guarantee that no one will be able to disprove its existence.


Is Marianas Web real or just another big hoax to make us sleepless during the lonely nights? It could be either of those. The good news is that quantum computing is a thing coming up at some point in the future. Once someone perfects this technology, you can be certain the first thing people will try is to check the genuineness of this alleged pit of dark secrets.

Until then, however… there is no way to say for sure Marianas Web doesn’t exist. There is no way to say that, right now, somewhere deep, deep behind your computer there isn’t a website which has all the answers in the world.


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